Who are we?
ANERT is a company founded by a group of enthusiasts who have combined their competences, skills and passions. The wealth of each of us is long-standing experience gained through the cooperation with our customers from various market sectors. Some of our team members in their previous jobs were responsible for the coordination of translations assigned to external translation agencies. And, as they say, they were seldom satisfied with the final effect... The ideal solution in the situation was to develop their own translation services, merging the employees' skills and talents which perfectly complement each other with tested and proven methods and tools.

Our translators are highly skilled philologists cooperating with specialists of different areas, who, owing to their inexhaustible patience, are able to make philologists almost genuine experts in a specific field or simply track down translators' erudite displays and replace them with less striking, but perfectly accurate specialist terms, Each text is edited by a proofreader, who gives it a final touch. They make all the efforts for you to nod in approval after having read the translation and then check if the Anert webpage is entered in your ‘My Favourite’ folder.

Upon acceptance of a translation order we become part of the Customer’s team sharing their responsibility for the success of their project. It is usually the beginning of our close cooperation…

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